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By Monagan, Geddes, Heal, Labahn, et al.

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It is recommended that you implement the following rules. &/( &/x ) = x, &/(x&^y) = (&/y) &^ (&/x), x &^ (&/x) = 1 = (&/x) &^ x. 5 Extending Maple • 39 Extending Commands If you introduce custom data structures, there are no manipulation rules for them. In most cases, you write special-purpose procedures that manipulate new data structures. However, sometimes extending the capabilities of one or more of the Maple built-in commands is easier than developing new data structures and special-purpose procedures.

These symbols are bound to their global instances. In certain cases you must declare a name as a global variable to prevent implicit scoping rules from making it local. ” 52 • Chapter 2: Programming with Modules Local Variables You can refer to variables that are local to the module definition by using the local declaration. Its format is the same as for procedures. Here is a variant on the previous Hello module which uses a local variable. "; > say := proc() > print( loc ) > end proc; > end module: Local variables are not visible outside the definition of the module in which they occur.

It is difficult to display the equation a + a = 2a. To display such an equation, use the procedure make_a from Example 1. > a + make_a() = 2*a; a + a = 2a When you type a name in an interactive session, the Maple program interprets it as the global variable. While this prevents you from using the assignment statement to directly assign a value to an escaped local variable, it does not prevent you from using the assign command. You must write a Maple expression which extracts the variable. For example, in the previous equation, you can extract the local variable a by removing the global a from the left side of the equation.

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