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By Martha L. Abell

Maple by way of instance, 3rd variation, is a reference/text with CD for starting and skilled scholars, expert engineers, and different Maple clients. This re-creation has been up to date to be appropriate with the latest unencumber of the Maple software program. assurance contains integrated Maple instructions utilized in classes and practices that contain calculus, linear algebra, enterprise arithmetic, usual and partial differential equations, numerical tools, pix and extra. The CD-ROM presents up-to-date Maple enter and all textual content from the book.* up to date insurance of Maple beneficial properties and capabilities * New purposes from numerous fields, together with biology, physics and engineering* Backwards appropriate for all past Maple model* extra element in its step by step examples

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Bruce W. Char; Keith O. Geddes; Gaston H. Gonnet; Benton L.'s Maple V Language Reference Manual PDF

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SOLUTION: (a) Because Maple follows the order of operations, (-27/64)ˆ2/3 first computes (−27/64)2 and then divides the result by 3. > (-27/64)ˆ2/3; 243 4096 22 Chapter 2 Numbers, Expressions, and Functions (b) On the other hand, (-27/64)ˆ(2/3) raises −27/64 to the 2/3 power. Maple does not automatically simplify − 27 64 2/3 . > (-27/64)ˆ(2/3); √ 1 3 (−27)2/3 64 64 However, when we use simplify, Maple returns the principal root of 2/3 − 27 64 . > simplify((-27/64)ˆ(2/3)); √ 9 1+i 3 64 2 To obtain the result − 27 64 2/3 = 3 −27 64 2 = − 3 4 2 = 9 , 16 which would be expected by most algebra and calculus students, we use the surd function: ⎧ ⎨x1/n , x≥0 surd(x, n) = .

Whenever possible, Maple gives an exact answer and reduces fractions. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Maple follows the standard order of operations exactly. “a plus b,” a + b, is entered as a+b; “a minus b,” a − b, is entered as a-b; “a times b,” ab, is entered as a*b; “a divided by b,” a/b, is entered as a/b. Executing the command a/b results in a fraction reduced to lowest terms; and 6. “a raised to the bth power,” ab , is entered as aˆb. 19 20 Chapter 2 Numbers, Expressions, and Functions When entering commands, be sure to follow the order of operations exactly and pay particular attention to nesting symbols (parentheses), multiplication operators (like * and the noncommutative multiplication operator, &*), and the exponentiation symbol (ˆ).

To delay the evaluation of g(x) enclose g(x) in single quotation marks, ’. 12); gives us the plot of g(x) shown in Figure 2-1. 2 0 0 Figure 2-1 2 4 6 x 8 10 12 Plot of a recursively defined function We will discuss additional ways to define, manipulate, and evaluate functions as needed. However, Maple’s extensive programming language allows a great deal of flexibility in defining functions, many of which are beyond the scope of this text. 3 Graphing Functions, Expressions, and Equations One of the best features of Maple is its graphics capabilities.

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