Matlab - C Math Libary User's Guide 1.2 by Ash Matheson PDF

By Ash Matheson

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2-3 2-3 2-3 2-5 Example 1: Creating and Printing Arrays . . . . 2-6 Example 2: Writing Simple Functions . . . . 2-9 Example 3: Calling Library Routines . . . . . 2-12 Example 4: Handling Errors . . . . . . . 2-16 Example 5: Saving and Loading Data . . . . . 2-22 Example 6: Passing Functions As Arguments . . . 2-26 2 Writing Programs The best way to learn how to use the library is to see it in use.

Print and then free all of the output matrices. Notice that in this call, as in the previous one, an ampersand (&) precedes the two additional output arguments. An ampersand always precedes each output argument because the address of the mxArray* is passed. The presence of an & is a reliable way to distinguish between input and output arguments. Input arguments never have an & in front of them. 7 Last of all, free the two input matrices. 6414 V = 2-15 2 Writing Programs Example 4: Handling Errors The MATLAB C Math Library’s default response to an error is to call exit(), which terminates an application.

10 Free the matrices , mat0 and mat1, which were used as input arguments to mlfPlus() and mlfRdivide(). Output When run, the program produces this output: WARNING: Divide by zero. ERROR: Matrix dimensions must agree. Caught an error! Recovering! A more sophisticated error handling mechanism could do much more than simply print an additional error message. If this statement were in a loop, for example, the code could discover the cause of the error, correct it, and try the operation again. 2-21 2 Writing Programs Example 5: Saving and Loading Data This example demonstrates how to use the functions mlfSave() and mlfLoad()to write your data to a disk file and read it back again.

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