MATLAB® Recipes for Earth Sciences - download pdf or read online

By Martin H. Trauth

MATLAB  is utilized in a variety of functions in geosciences, similar to snapshot processing in distant sensing, iteration and processing of electronic elevation versions and the research of time sequence. This publication introduces uncomplicated tools of knowledge research in geosciences utilizing MATLAB. The textual content features a short description of every technique and various examples demonstrating how MATLAB can be utilized on facts units from earth sciences. All MATLAB recipes may be simply transformed on the way to examine the reader's personal facts units. The e-book comes with a CD containing exemplary facts units and a electronic model of the MATLAB recipes.

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This ebook presents a person desiring a primer on random indications and procedures with a hugely available advent to those topics.  It assumes a minimum volume of mathematical heritage and makes a speciality of innovations, comparable phrases and fascinating purposes to various fields.  All of this is often encouraged by means of a variety of examples carried out with MATLAB, in addition to quite a few routines on the finish of every bankruptcy.

Download e-book for kindle: Ingenieurmathematik mit Computeralgebra-Systemen: AXIOM, by Hans Benker

Prof. Dr. Benker arbeitet am Fachbereich Mathematik und Informatik der Martin-Luther-Universität in Halle (Saale) und hält u. a. Vorlesungen zur Lösung mathematischer Probleme mit Computeralgebra-Systemen. Neben seinen Lehraufgaben forscht er auf dem Gebiet der mathematischen Optimierung.

Maple V Language Reference Manual by Bruce W. Char; Keith O. Geddes; Gaston H. Gonnet; Benton L. PDF

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The t–test can be performed by the function ttest2. We load an example data set of two independent series of measurements. 5. mat contains two data sets corg1 and corg2. First we plot both histograms in one single graph [n1,x1] = hist(corg1); [n2,x2] = hist(corg2); h1 = bar(x1,n1); hold on h2 = bar(x2,n2); set(h1,'FaceColor','none','EdgeColor','r') set(h2,'FaceColor','none','EdgeColor','b'x) Here we use the command set to change graphic objects of the bar plots h1 and h2, such as the face and edge colors of the bars.

The following lines contain the output for help average, the copyright and version information as well as the actual MATLAB code for computing the average using this function. which displays the first block of contiguous comment lines. The first executable statement or blank line — as in our example — effectively ends the help section and therefore the output of help. Now we are independent from the variable names used in our function. We clear the workspace and define a new data vector. clear data = [3 6 2 -3 8]; We run our function by the statement result = average(data); This clearly illustrates the advantages of functions compared to scripts.

26 2 Introduction to MATLAB plot(x,y1,'r--') figure plot(x,y2,'b-') Instead of plotting both lines in one graph at the same time, you can also first plot the sine wave, hold the graph and then plot the second curve. The command hold is particularly important while using different plot functions for displaying your data. For instance, if you wish to display the second graph as a bar plot. plot(x,y1,'r--') hold on bar(x,y2) hold off This command plots y1 versus x as dashed line, whereas y2 versus x is shown as group of blue vertical bars.

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