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By Albert M. Liebetrau

In actual fact experiences the homes of vital modern measures of organization and correlation. Liebetrau devotes complete chapters to measures for nominal, ordinal, and non-stop (interval) info, paying exact recognition to the sampling distributions had to ensure degrees of value and self belief periods. precious discussions additionally concentrate on the relationships among a number of measures, the sampling homes in their estimators and the comparative benefits and downsides of alternative ways.

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Cohen's k and Weighted k Let pij denote the probability that an item is classified into category i by one judge and category j by another, where i and j range from 1 to I, inclusive. Then represents the proportion of cases on which the judges agree. If the judges work independently, the proportion of times they agree purely by chance is so q1q2 is a measure of agreement corrected for chance. To make this measure independent of the marginal totals, it is normalized by 1 q2, the maximum possible value of q1q2 for the given sets of marginal totals and The resulting measure, was proposed by Cohen (1960) as a measure of agreement, corrected for chance, between the classifications of a group of objects by two judges.

41 is well defined if at least two cells of the table contain nonzero probabilities. Page 33 The maximum likelihood estimator of k under the multinomial sampling model is When pij is replaced by = nij / n, statements about the range of k apply also to . For n sufficiently large, is approximately a normal variable with mean k. 43 are obtained as usual by substituting = nij / n for pij. 42 can be used to establish confidence intervals for k. The calculations of and its variance are illustrated in the next example.

The measure t is well defined if at least two cells, not both in the same row or column of the table, contain nonzero probabilities. The value of t lies between the values of tA|B and tB|A; consequently 0 £t£ 1. If the table has exactly one nonzero probability in each row and column, then t = 1, while t = 0 when A and B are independent. Under the multinomial sampling model, tA|B, tB|A, and t have maximum likelihood estimators Page 27 and respectively. 29, respectively. If any one of the measures is either 0 or 1, the corresponding estimator has the same value.

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