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This C# providing takes a different method of support it stand out one of the a variety of .NET programming titles to be had. The structure is definitely suited to builders that already comprehend the fundamentals of .NET programming and need a realistic reference for varied programming projects. every one bankruptcy contains a quick advent to the subject handy, through a few "recipes. each one recipe will encompass a quick descriptive identify, via an extended yet short description of the duty, via the method itself, and eventually concluded with a "comments" part the place the process is mentioned"

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One particular thing to watch for is a reference type overloading a relational operator. Overloading an operator, discussed later in this chapter, is a technique to change the behavior of a built-in operator so that it makes better sense given the context of the objects you are working with. 5 evaluates to true even though the two objects being compared are different. NET Framework has overloaded the relational operators so that the comparison happens on the internal string rather than the objects themselves.

A simple class definition consists of an access modifier, the class keyword, and the name given to the class by the programmer. Access modifiers control the accessibility of classes or who can use the class. 1, the Television class is a top-level type, which means that other than the namespace, it is not nested within another type. Therefore, the only access modifiers that are allowed are public and internal. Public access to a type means that any code that wants to access that type is free to do so, ignoring code security issues for now, of course.

5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 0 Introduction Procedural or structured programming languages such as C are designed to manipulate data and control program flow through the various functions that are written for an application. Such a language uses a verb metaphor in which the main programming logic is performed through a series of actions on the data. Object-oriented programming languages, on the other hand, still use actions but place the objects at a higher place level. Rather than work within an action- or verb-oriented environment, it uses an objector noun-based model.

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