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An summary of the visible arts basics, relocating the attention via 2-D layout presents a step by step method of realizing what reasons us to examine a portray, picture, or any two-dimensional media and what's had to hold visible curiosity. This quantity introduces a goal-oriented strategy that applies facets of line, form, worth, and colour on to relocating the viewer's eye to and during a composition. With this system, artists learn how to include feeling into the inventive strategy from the outset instead of leaving it as a subjective afterthought. both acceptable to the high quality arts, utilized arts, and electronic media, relocating the attention via 2-D layout offers an easy and entire method during which artists can create dynamic art. 

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In this example, it is more important to integrate the c-clamps visually with the readability of the skull. So the success of this composition depends on whether the viewer sees the individual parts and the whole simultaneously. Additionally, by stylizing the images – making them simpler and more curvilinear – the artist has emphasized a buoyant, almost happy feeling. By controlling how you move the viewer’s eye to and through a composition, you clarify the visual dynamics and specify feeling. Positive and negative space – figure and ground It is important to discuss how shape affects the visual dynamics on the page.

In example (C), a more forceful mark is used. The wider and bolder brushstrokes painted with less precision create a sense of immediacy and buoyancy. Copyrighted Material B Michelle Kilmer C Lindsay McCabe Copyrighted Material Moving the Eye Through 2-D Design Simplifying movement with similarity and variety I have introduced how to use lines to create contrast, motion and noise, and, how the speed and direction of motion evokes feeling. I would now like to discuss in greater detail the factors that produce this movement.

The more similarities, the more integration. And, when there is more similarity or integration between objects, the eye moves more slowly between them A Erin Fosbenner Example (A) illustrates similarity through repetition of shape. The same lower-case ‘e’ with its similar size and orientation is seen throughout the composition. The overall similarity, or low contrast, creates integration and flow. And the overlapping shapes create wobbly white paths that seem to shake and clatter against the black.

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