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By Thuan L. Thai, Hoang Lam

Absolutely up-to-date for model 1.1 of the .NET Framework, .NET Framework necessities, third variation is an goal, concise, no-nonsense assessment of the Microsoft .NET Framework for constructing net functions and providers. Written for intermediate to complex VB, C/C++, Java, and Delphi builders, .NET Framework necessities, third variation can also be precious to procedure architects and leaders who're assessing instruments for destiny tasks. .NET Framework necessities touches the entire bases-- from the typical Language Run-Time (CLR) and key classification libraries to the really good applications for ASP.NET, home windows types, XML internet companies, and knowledge entry (ADO.NET). The authors survey each one significant .NET language, together with VB.NET, C#, J#, and controlled C++, in addition to MSIL, clearing away the noise and hype, and proposing a transparent, functional examine the underlying applied sciences. .NET Framework necessities additionally offers a convenient connection with the main common positive aspects of .NET Framework

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5 Intermediate Language (IL) In software engineering, the concept of abstraction is extremely important. We often use abstraction to hide the complexity of system or application services, providing instead a simple interface to the consumer. As long as we can keep the interface the same, we can change the hideous internals, and different consumers can use the same interface. In language advances, scientists introduced different incarnations of language-abstraction layers, such as p-code and bytecode.

Because the JIT compiler only performs its magic the first time a method is invoked, the methods you don't need at runtime will never be JIT-compiled. The compiled, native code lies in memory until the process shuts down and until the garbage collector clears off all references and memory associated with the process. This means that the next time you execute the process or component, the JIT compiler will again perform its magic. exe, which compiles your IL during installation and setup time. Using ngen, you can JIT-compile the code once and cache it on the machine so that you can avoid JIT compilation at runtime (this process is referred to as pre-JITting).

Namespace IL declaration allows us to create our Lang namespace. namespace Lang { Now for the IStreering interface. class IL declaration. method public hidebysig newslot virtual abstract instance void TurnRight( ) cil managed { } // End of method ISteering::TurnRight } // End of class ISteering In addition, you must insert two special IL attributes: interface Signals that the current type definition is an interface specification. abstract Signals that there will be no method implementations in this definition and that the implementer of this interface must provide the method implementations for all methods defined in this interface.

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