Impressed By Your Service

” I just wanted to express our thanks to you and H2o Networks for the support you have given us in the past 12 months. When we first experienced our network difficulties just over a year ago, RBS recommended you and we were impressed at the time by your response. I am pleased to say we continue to remain encouraged and impressed by your service.”

As a charity we have to balance the many financial pressures placed on us in order to keep our work with helping the homeless as the top priority. Inevitably. IT comes some way down our pecking order of things; it shouldn’t but that is often the reality of the charity sector. Nevertheless, even at the front line of our work we are increasingly seeing IT being used as a tool to further the support we give to some of the most vulnerable and marginalised in our community. We therefore strongly value relationships with organisations that understand the pressures we face financially, as well as the environment in which we are working. H2o demonstrates itself to be people and customer focused – and for that we are very grateful. “

Stuart Singleton, Director Operations – Watford New Hope Trust